Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Chuck Yeager of stupid

Does stupid have a terminal velocity? I'm beginning to think I'm on the brink of finding out.

Last night at work as I left to go to lunch, I somehow managed to lock myself out of the office. Naturally, no one had a key. That's not as surprising as it may seem since there's only half a dozen people on third shift. So a supervisor from the only other populated office and a security guard did much poking and proding with various implements in an unsuccessful attempt to break into the office. I just stood there like a big doofus and ate my lunch since I'd already achieved professional levels of stupidity by locking myself out in the first place. Eventually someone showed up with a screwdriver and we took the damn door off the hinges.

I'd like to say that locking myself out of the office was a rare occurance, but last Friday I locked myself out of my car. So, it begins... Next I'll suddenly find myself out in public with no pants on.

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