Sunday, July 15, 2007

Books, books, books, and more books

Several weeks ago Sherri got me to sign up for this site called Goodreads, a social networking site for book geeks. I hadn't done anything much with it until recently when I started adding all the books I knew I'd read. The problem is that I've gotten rid of a lot of books that I've read, plus there's all the library books. Who knows what I was reading ten years ago? I don't. Ah, but I did write them down. Problem? Well, yes, there's a problem. You see, I wrote all of these books down in the old journals I used to write in almost religiously.

From my last year in high school until couple months prior to starting this blog, I kept a journal. I have a milk crate with 21 volumes in it. There's four or five thousand pages of juvenile whining written in a nearly indecipherable scrawl lurking in that crate. Flipping through these things looking for book titles I wrote down is fairly unpleasant because the contents are alternately embarrassing and depressing. Occasionally there's some good stuff, but mostly it's just junk. So I don't know when or if I'll be able to go through all of them to get the book titles. I managed to get through maybe three volumes over the past few days, but I really don't want to go through any more any time soon.

I've got around 475 books posted on my Goodreads page already. I've read a lot more than that I'm sure, but unless I remember them, it's unlikely I'll ever find out what they are unless I wade back into the depressive verbal swamp I keep in that milk crate.

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