Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh, the agony

The unspeakable Jammies has tagged for a meme. Something about grabbing a book that's close to your computer, noting the title, going to page 123, reading the first five sentences on that page, and then copying out the next three sentences. Or something along those lines. No idea why anyone would want to do this, but such is life.

The closest books to my computer are a dictionary and a big-ass Mouser catalog. So instead I just reached over my right shoulder and grabbed a volume from the shelves right behind me.

The volume? Sane Sex Life & Sane Sex Living by H.W. Long, M.D. (I even found a reprint online.) The subtitle of the book is "Some Things that All Sane People Ought to Know About Sex Nature and Sex Functioning; Its Place in the Economy of Life, Its Proper Training and Righteous Exercise". The book was published by the Eugenics Publishing Co,. Inc. in 1937. Yes, eugenics.

If you're wondering why I have this book, I buy old, weird sex education books when I find them. They're quite amusing. And educational. Which probably goes a long way to explaining why I'm single. But I digress.

Oh, the sentences. They're not that interesting, but here goes:

But it paid to wait, for their doing so proved that the bride had two weeks of "free time" in each month, and this was worth all it cost to find out! Take time!

And now let it be added that it is a great accomplishment for a husband and wife to be free from a fear of pregnancy as a result of coitus.

These sentences refer (I suppose) to what's usually called the "rhythm method" or what I like to call the "How did I end up with all of these goddamn kids method".

Now the bad part. I'm supposed to tag three people. OK, first I'll tag Sara because not only will she not do it, she probably won't even know she's been tagged. Then I'll tag my sister just for the pleasure of pissing her off. Heh-heh. And, lastly, I'll tag Sherri even though she's probably already been tagged. So there.

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