Friday, May 12, 2006

Mit der whoopie!

I learned something new at work: furzkissen is German for whoopie-cushion. (We stock them.) Anyway, I looked up furzkissen on Google just to see what came up. I found an article in the German verions of Wikipedia. The Google translation is too good not to reproduce in total:
A Furzkissen is a joke article. This concerns an inflatable hollow body, which consists of plastic, and over a valve it is so fillable that the air filling cannot withdraw after filling independently. When sudden escaping of air by an outside load a flatulenzartiges noise is produced. The Furzkissen serves for, notionless humans who itself unintentionally on it-set and thus by its weight the necessary pressure apply to bring in embarrassment. It is put down for example camouflaged on seat opportunities.

The first Furzkissen consisted of two equal, ballonförmigen rubber skins, which were stuck up to the opening in the place at the edge, typical for a balloon. There the gap developed, by which the Furzkissen is filled, and which could be squeezed together due to its detention characteristics, so that the filling remained containing.

Furzkissen of newer date are manufactured frequently with foam material filling and a mechanical valve. If the pressure is reduced to the hollow body, then the foam material filling relaxes and leads to the fact that the Furzkissen takes up air over the valve again and so that a renewed emptying with side effects mentioned without intervention of the user becomes possible. Also fast successions of the developing noise are in this way possible.

According to the Guinness book of the records took place in Illinois with 3164 persons the largest common Furzkissen seats.
The Germans seem to take whoopie-cusion technology quite seriously. I've never seen any of these more advanced whoopie-cusion designs they speak of.

Oddly, the English version of Wikipedia has no specific article on whoopie-cushions, but they do have a nice one on flatulence humor. (While you're at it, they have a nice article on flatulence as well.)

And to digress slightly, who wouldn't want their child to wear a whoopie-cushion costume for Halloween?

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