Thursday, May 04, 2006

Get a job

Since I'm so miserable in my current job, I decided to start searching the various online employment sites for something else. I have a degreee, so surely there's something halfway decent out there for me. Right? Well, maybe not. All the jobs seemed to want years of experience I don't have and can't get because the jobs require experience. AARRGGHH! But I did find one that I think I'm qualified for:
The employee's activities primary include processing and preparing paperwork, assisting in preparation of human remains for cremation, assisting with placing remains in cremation chamber/retort and facility cleaning and maintenance. Activities may be in a crematory or at a funeral home/crematory. Requires learning and familiarization with SCI policies and proceedures, including review of SCI operations Manual and applicable state/provincial law. Regulatory certification may be required in some states/provinces. Works under general supervision.
I'm not sure what "SCI" stands for. Maybe Scary Corpse Industry.

I don't know why I even bother getting out of bed anymore.

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