Thursday, February 28, 2008

When in Rome

When you walk in the front door of Spacely Sprockets, the first thing you see are an American flag and a Virginia state flag. A few days ago while passing close to the Virginia flag I contemplated once again the strange image that appears in the middle. It's the Seal of Virginia, which shows a toga-clad woman standing over a prostrate man dressed sort of like a gladiator. What ancient Romans have to do with Virginia is anyone's guess, but it's an interesting image for two reasons. One, it has a dead guy, and, two, it's got a boob. Viginia may very well be the only state out of fifty with a dead guy or a boob on its flag. Truthfully, what I noticed that day when I walked past the flag was the boob. I don't think I'd ever really paid that much attention to it before because I was looking at the dead guy. Anyway, I made a helpful graphic.

Incidentally, the woman with the boob is the Roman goddess Virtus. And, again, what the hell any of this has to do with Virginia is anyone's guess.

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