Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm on the internet, grandma!

Since nothing else is going on, I'm posting my most recent totally effed up search requests. Internet users of the world, most of you are insane, perverted, and/or stupid, but you amuse me greatly.

how large is a wild turkeys penis
Yeah, I know, it's just for research. Sure.

legality of masturbating using video cams
No good can come from this.

nice man wanking
He was such a nice man, despite all the wanking.

internet meh
Boy are you at the right place.

staples in your head after i cracked my head open
Why would the staples be in my head after you cracked your head open? Is the doctor's eyesight really that bad?

largeness your x organ
Is the x a variable, like in algebra?

pictures for wanking in front of porn
Porn is the easiest thing to find online, but yet somehow you can't seem to locate any.

korea pornography what happens
I'm no expert in Korean pornography, but I would guess that what happens is that naked people have sex.

where can i post my porn pichers
This is sad on so many levels.

Search fuel my wank
Frankly, I'm speechless, but I think Fuel My Wank would be a good name for a game show.

girls in soaking wet socks
Talk about your weirdly specific, but yet completely uninteresting, porn search request.

pictures of boring bastards
Well, I am a boring bastard, but I have no photos of myself here. Sorry.

He ejaculated and
And...? And what?! The suspense is killing me!

boxing helena oops
I think the only "oops" involved with Boxing Helena was when the backers realized what a god awful movie they had sunk their money into.

pictures of boring
You should check out my Flickr page; I'm intimately acquainted with boring.

Is this homemade porn from the country Turkey or porn that involves poultry?

penis geodes
I'm not cracking one of those open.

change vagina's taste
New! From the makers of Kool-Aid!

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