Friday, May 18, 2007


A few years back I bought a calculator at Dollar General for a buck. It was cheaply made, but it worked great. I liked it because it was compact and had a door on it. Small enough to put in your pocket and literally forget the damn thing was in there.

I took it to work and began using it there. (The work calculators were these big, clunky things. I guess they didn't want people stealing them, so they made sure they bought some that were the size of a sandwich.) It worked out great until I had to do a lot of stuff out in the warehouse and I ended up sweating on it a lot while it was in my pocket. It started malfunctioning, so I bought another one.

So what to do with the broken one? After it laid around for a few months, I decided to open it up to get the battery out of it and maybe swipe the solar cell for some kind of experiment. But, much to my surprise, I found out the solar cell was fake. It's just a couple of pieces of plastic not electronically connected to anything.

I have since lost all faith in civilization.

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