Monday, December 18, 2006


I switched over to the new Blogger Beta a week or two back, but hadn't changed the template. Blogger Beta lets you do all kinda whiz-bang crap with the template where you don't have to soil your hands by touching filthy, nasty HTML. Anyway, since I changed to the new template system, I figured I might as well change the template itself. How long did I have the previous template? Two years or more? This new one reminds me of the first two I had, which also had a blue bar across the top. Exciting, no?

I'll fix the other stuff in a bit.


Severina said...

You just lost all your comments. Nice. All that wit gone away, poof!, into the ether.

Scott said...

They're not lost, just inaccessible to the readers. Haloscan even lets you back them up in an XML file. Haloscan is having problems right now working with Blogger Beta, so I either have to switch back to the old template system or wait. Yippee.