Thursday, March 30, 2006

Working for the man

I hate my job. No surprise there, many of us hate our jobs, but most bloggers don't have jobs where they have to crawl around inaccessible areas and move tons of boxes of dusty garbage no one wants to buy from one part of a warehouse to another. (God, did anyone really think that all this King Kong merchandise would sell?) And I'm an office worker. Oh, and did I mention that I'm third shift this week, so I get to do all the above at 3:30 AM.

Last night I checked my work email and my boss left me the following cryptic message:
There is no easy to move the inventory the process sometime seems length but the end result will come together. Follow the protocol move the items into location and make the Inventory moves accordingly. Please make sure that all inventories are moved. You guys are doing a good job we must stay on top of high movers you are able to make the moves if you guys stay focused.
Yes, this bizarre missive was written by the person who tells me what to do. Those thousands of dollars of my own money I spent on tuition was well spent I must say.

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