Sunday, March 19, 2006

Eeph aaph

I've mentioned before about how on Saturday nights we'd watch Hee-Haw when I was little. Eventually I quit watching this show and started listening to proper music like DEVO that better spoke to my special needs, but I digress. Back to Hee-Haw, dammit.

They had a guy on Hee-Haw named Jimmy Riddle (which is also, oddly enough, cockney rhyming slang for pissing) who basically made a career of going "Eeph-aaph! Eeph-aaph!" in various permutations. Very retarded, but sort of entertaining. Anyway, NPR did a piece on him and the "the Lost Art of Eephing". In the article, eephing is described as, "the hillbilly equivalent of the hip-hop human 'beat box'."

I'd forgotten completely about Riddle until a couple of months ago I was watching TV early one morning and caught an infomercial for Hee-Haw DVD's and saw him having an eephing fit of some sort.

The only reason I'm even doing this post on eephing at all is to encourage everyone to go read the NPR piece and listen to some of the sound clips they have. "Little Eefin' Annie" may be familiar to some of you and it's so seriously messed up that it's worth listening to, but I really want you to hear the demented "'Eephunky' Remix". There's also a "eephing tutorial" recorded by Riddle himself.

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