Friday, November 23, 2012

This is what ruined my life

Back in August a couple of kittens showed up and I got the bright idea to adopt the orange one. How bad can a cat be, I thought. Cheeto's a bad, bad kitty. Oh, well, I had a good run.

Also, the tenth anniversary of this sad blog passed a couple of weeks ago. Ten years! It's ancient! But it's easy to reach your tenth anniversary in the blogging world if you never post anything anymore. When's the last time I posted something? January? When's the last time I posted regularly? 2008?

(And I have no idea how the photo of Cheeto got glitched. It was fine when I uploaded it. Maybe it's the pure evil rattling around in his little doorknob head.)


Murphy Jacobs said...

You should have adopted both of them. Then they'd entertain each other.

I'm back up to 5.

I'm also sort of blogging again. What's your excuse?

Scott said...

Ideally I would've kept both kitties, but I'm sure I would have been driven insane much, much sooner.

My excuse? I dunno. I was thinking of starting a new blog with a different focus. Not that this one ever had anything even remotely resembling a focus.

Ah, you are blogging again. I periodically check your blog, but that review of Mysteries of Udolfo was always there.

Murphy Jacobs said...

Multiple cats is the way to go because there is always a cat who wants to do what you want to do at any given time (as far as what cats want to do with humans).

Don't worry about focus. Just write something. Take a picture of something. Poke something with a stick and tell us about it.

Scott said...

Stick-poking, eh? I do love a good stick-poking.