Thursday, May 27, 2010

I know I put it somewhere!

You ever lose money in your house? Isn't fun wracking your brain trying to figure out where you put it? Asking yourself, "Did I accidentally throw it away?" This is exactly what I've been doing on and off since maybe October or November.

My money got mislaid after I had to move several tons of crap during some quasi-renovations. What was so annoying was the shear quantity of money that I mislaid: $170,185,000,000,001. I'm totally serious.

Of course it was Zimbabwean currency, which is basically worthless, but I paid money for it on Ebay and I was pissed that I might have accidentally thrown it out.

Earlier, I took a book off the shelf and the bills fell out. There's only ten of them. Why I decided to stick them in a book I rarely look at escapes me.

Now maybe I can find that 8GB USB thumb drive that got lost in the same quasi-renovation.


Just telling it like it is said...

Okay I shoul,d totally come to your house...I am the FBI and I could find the money...fer a fee of coarse...and I would want to see the toothpaste of coarse

Scott said...

Sadly, I have no suspect toothpaste at present. It's all American made stuff.

Severina said...

Now that you've found your riches, you should invest it all in a tube of Zimbabwean toothpaste.